With every day that passes, another family loses a loved one due to hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure. The CDC estimates that 37 million American adults have blood pressure levels that are too high. If your doctor has just informed you that you are in dangerous territory with your blood pressure, you need to listen or your family may be mourning the loss of you soon.

Because high blood pressure leads to heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease, it’s a condition you need to take seriously. If you have high cholesterol, it’s likely your blood pressure needs attention too. Cholesterol clogs the arteries, making it harder for your heart to pump blood.

What’s worse though is that these very common conditions don’t have any specific symptoms. You may feel completely fine, but inside, your heart health is suffering. Both men and women over the age of 45 are at the most risk though African-Americans in particular have the highest death rate of any other group from high blood pressure.

Is Your Blood Pressure Too High?
Perhaps you’ve skipped your yearly checkups with the doctor, assuming you’re healthy since you feel fine. But now you’re wondering if your blood pressure is too high. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or below. If it is 120/80 to 139/89, it is the pre-hypertensive range, meaning you really need to keep an eye on things. Blood pressure that clocks in at 140/90 or above is the danger zone.

In the past, doctors only issued stern warnings for those that were closer to 140/90, but now anyone with blood pressure over 120/80 is urged to make lifestyle changes quickly. Being overweight, having high blood sugar, and having high cholesterol puts you deeper into harm’s way. If you don’t do something about it now, you may never have the chance to watch your children and grandchildren grow up.

Fortunately, you can take your health into your own hands and lower your blood pressure to a healthy and normal level. All you need to do is one simple thing to get started!

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally
In extreme cases, your doctor will prescribe medication, but if you’re not quite at that point yet, you can lower your blood pressure starting today. The one thing you need to do is make lifestyle changes that will effectively lower your blood pressure.

  • Make lifestyle changes
    Smoking as well as alcohol and caffeine consumption can all kick up your blood pressure. Experts recommend that alcohol and caffeine be greatly restricted as you lower your blood pressure. As for smoking, there are so many health risks to this habit that it’s just not worth it. Quitting smoking now will drastically improve your blood pressure.
  • Work on losing weight
    The more excess weight you carry around, the harder your heart and circulatory system needs to work. By shedding those extra pounds, you can quickly make improvements to your high blood pressure and lower your risks. Exercise is the best way to get there, and keeping active also ensures your heart health will improve.
  • Find healthy ways to reduce stress
    We live in stressful times with the world the way it is right now. Add to it the stress of work and providing for your family, financials, and now your health, and it can feel like a lot to manage. Exercise is a great way to lower stress while losing that extra weight. Additionally, activities like meditation and yoga are relaxing and help with matters of the heart.
  • Eat healthy, low-sodium foods
    A diet rich in whole foods that are from nature is the best way to help your body heal and restore healthy blood pressure. The less processed food you eat, the better as processed foods tend to be loaded with too much sodium. If you want more flavor without adding salt, try putting more fresh garlic into your meals. Drinking green tea is also encouraged for healthy hearts.
  • Supplement properly
    Even the healthiest people take supplements to round out their nutritional requirements. A supplement for heart health that supports healthy blood pressure is a wise choice. Natural ingredients come together to help give your body what it needs to lower blood pressure and support a longer life.

Which Supplement is Best for High Blood Pressure?
When you choose a supplement for high blood pressure support, it’s important to choose a formula that is made in the USA in an FDA-registered and inspected facility. This will ensure that the quality of the ingredients are safe and effective to lend the health support you need.

NutriGrove’s Advanced Blood Pressure Support checks all those boxes with a natural and veggie-based formulation that can help lower blood pressure. This proprietary blend of fast-dissolving capsules includes a unique blend of vitamins and herbs that work together to help your heart health all in one convenient pill.

Among the ingredients, you’ll find garlic which helps heart health; green tea leaf to give you antioxidants that open up the blood vessels for improved blood flow; hawthorn berry, used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides; olive leaf extract which works to help reduce blockage in the arteries; hibiscus flower to prevent hypertension; juniper berry to help with reducing blood sugar levels; and buchu leaf that helps cleanse kidneys, making things easier for your heart.

Don’t ignore chest pain, feeling breathless while not exerting yourself, severe headaches, vision problems, and fatigue. These are all your body’s way of saying it needs help. This non-GMO formula from NutriGrove is currently on sale at a fraction of the regular price. Click below to get NutriGrove’s Advanced Blood Pressure Support for less and get more out of your life today.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary. This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.