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Great stuff taken together with bp support. I’m a loyal customer.

my blood pressure success

I was facing an increase in blood pressure medication due to increased levels and then saw the ad for Nutrigrove products and began taking Beet Root and Blood Pressure Support supplements and have now maintained readings in the low 120's over 68-74 levels and am very satisfied with these products and will continue using them.

Blood Pressure + Organic Beet Root Combo

Love your products!

Very satisfied with everything thing that I have ordered .

It works, but...

This blood pressure supplement works well to lower blood pressure, but it causes heart palpitations for me. I have stopped it, and the heart palpitations go away, started it again and they come back. So I'm sorry but that's the way it is with me.

I really like this product, I will recommend it to others.

My power blend

I absolutely love this Organic greens Super food i feel super amazing it gives me alot of energy it has 30 super foods in each tablet and it has fiber and antioxidants and it even helps for menopause it’s just so rich in nutrients vitamins I love it ♥️I definitely recommend it to anyone ! Blessed day🙏🏻 Thank you Nutrigrove

Works good

Every season I start taking this I’m not on any medication anymore!!

Waiting for my blood pressure going down

I drink one tablet per day and still waiting for the results

I need some time, I'm out of town for while, Please check back on me in a couple of weeks. Thanks

Just started today

Just started today

Love it

I will be ordering more soon. Helps me feel better

BP supplements

Working good👍


I have been taking one capsule a day in the morning . I have experienced good reading but not expected . Is one okay or two. Advice.

Very effective in lowering BP

I am on prescription BP meds, but sometimes in between doses, my BP raises a bit. I take NutriGrove during the day - with the prescriptions taken morning and night, and it seems to help keep my readings more balanced.

Damage and broken

I’m so unsatisfied with this company I’ve sent many emails concerning my situation I received my order weeks ago and till now no one has responded to my emails it’s so frustrating and disappointing when you receive your product and it’s damaged and broken and for my safety I will absolutely not take it!! I’ve even sent pictures of the product being damaged and broken!!!! Still waiting for someone to reply back! At this point I just don’t know what to do so disappointed!!!!!!

Sorry this happened. I've resent a new bottle plus a bonus bottle of beet root as an apology.

My Blood Pressure

This supplement really works,since I've started taking it my BP is normal,not that it was bad.
On 1 of my visits to my primary care Dr, my BP was a bit elevated..
Dr. Said if it's this high in 6 months, I'm putting you on BP medicine, I said oh no I refuse to go on BP meds,went home starting looking for an herbal supplement and zip found Nutrigrove,this is my 5th or 6th bottle. I'm 71yrs old and on no meds, YAY!!!
I highly recommend this product
,Thank You Nutrigrove for an excellent product.

Nutrigrove Blood Pressure

This is a great product I've been using it now for over a year, and stopped taking my blood pressure medicine.


I’m not seeing major moves downward in my BP yet.

Tried others this one is the best for me thus far

So far I think that your product is working well.My BP has dropped.My doctor wanted me to take BP medication.I filled the prescription - but did not take.
I tried your product which is natural and seems to be working.


Been taking 3 of theses capsules per day/one at a time. Haven't seen lower blood pressure yet. I haven 't given up though. I ordered 2 bottles. Is this common to see results yet?


Still waiting to see any improvement.

Blood pressure

So far so good, I've I only been taking it for a week!

BP Supplements

I have only been using the product for about 1 week, however, it does seem to be lowering my BP somewhat. I will continue to use the product as I am looking forward to more results.